What is direct primary care?

DIRECT PRIMARY CARE (DPC) is a medical business model that reduces overhead costs by accepting no insurance. These savings are passed on to the patient through low cash prices and low cost monthly membership fees.

Is direct primary care a type of insurance plan?

NO THIS IS NOT A TYPE OF INSURANCE. A recent state bill passed by the Tennessee Legislation specifically addressed this type of medical model and to affirm that it does not meet criteria that would classify it as a type of medical insurance plan.

Does hometown family medicine perform dot physicals?

Because of new guidelines and physician training requirements, at this time we do NOT perform such physicals or issue DOT certificates.

I take chronic pain medication ( lortab, percocet, oxycodone, morphine, dilaudid, tramadol) or anxiety meds (xanax, ativan, valium). Can I be prescribed these meds at hometown family medicine?

NO. We do not prescribe these medications under any circumstances at our practice. Our experience is that these medications cause greater problems when used over long periods of time than the problems they
were prescribed to help. We choose not to begin or continue such medications for the well-being of our patients.

What if I need an X-ray for an injury or an appointment for a mammogram?

We will arrange for you to have such radiological procedures at a nearby imaging center. These are
NOT included in your memberships. You will need to make arrangements with the imaging center for payment.

I have insurance which covers a yearly physical exam. Will my insurance accept my cost of the exam at your office towards my deductible?

This is entirely up to your insurance company's policy. While we do not submit any expenses or forms to any insurance we will provide you with a form that you may submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement or applying toward your deductible.

What is the cost of a yearly physical/wellness exam and what does it include?

$229 fee for nonmembers; $99 fee for members ; no additional fee for ANNUAL EXAM membership.
Complete physical examination.
Cbc, chemistry, lipid panel, urinalysis, and TSH
Pap smear, breast examination for women;Also will schedule mammogram.
Prostate examination and PSA for men

How do I get the results of my tests?

Your preference: by mailed copy, phone call from physician or by Patient Portal via internet; your physician will want to discuss with you in person any abnormal tests that require changes in your current treatment regimen.

What if I am in an accident that requires hospitalization or have a health condition that requires expensive hospital care or treatment?

Every patient is encouraged to get a “wrap around” insurance policy. This is usually a relatively low cost policy that would cover medical expenses related to things like traumatic injury, heart attack and subsequent cardiac cauterization or other major medical events. Consider investigating such policies with your insurance agent or various insurance companies.